My Pretty Candle: My Opinion On The Gift Jewel Candle!

The concept of My pretty Candle is pretty simple. It is an innovative French concept of candle-jewellery: In all the candles hide a jewel set with Swarovski crystals.

Receive a medium sized candle in a nice pot. In addition to being pretty, it offers a divine smell to choose on the site. And to finish in beauty, you will find a jewel in the candle! The concept is top isn’t it?

My pretty candle candles are made in Europe, and designed with natural 100% vegetable Wax – GM-free warranty and a pure cotton wick. As an example, the fresh linen scent of the candle I chose was elaborated in Grasse, France so! And I like French products.

But the jewel is going to be damaged in the candle?! Well, No. It is very well protected in several layers of aluminium foil and a plastic bag. There is clearly no risk that your jewellery will be damaged by the candle.

Each jewel is adorned with Swarovski crystals, they are individually placed by hand and require special attention. It is advisable by the mark not to put the jewellery in contact with water and any household or cosmetic products.

We are approaching Valentine’s Day, some will start looking for a nice gift to make to their baby. My Pretty Candle comes out a very nice box for Valentine’s Day! I find the idea super nice for a couple who loves candles.

This box is called “Love is un the Air” and contains two candles: 1 with feminine fragrance “in Your Heart” and 1 in the masculine fragrance “in Your Arms”. What’s top? You can make them burn separately but also together! This will create a third delicate fragrance. And the jewelry will you tell me? He hides a set of rings to mix together in the candles 🙂 nice as a gift idea no?

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