What Is A Minimal Decoration And How Should It Be?

Minimal Decoration

Minimalism, whose meaning derives from the word minimum, which is the lowest level, is a modern movement that emerged with music at the beginning and reached architecture over time. It is important to be small and simple in a minimal style. Minimal spaces provide people with simplicity as well as comfortable and useful environments. It is one of the most preferred styles of recent times. In such spaces, attention is paid to the use of elements such as materials, textures, furniture and colors as little as possible.


Efforts are made to create a bright image as much as possible in a space designed in a minimal style. In such spaces, neutral colors are tried to be used, especially black and white. Apart from these, tones of beige, brown and gray colors are also preferred. In addition, it is aimed to add warmth to the environment with these colors.
Minimal Decoration


Natural materials are preferred in the spaces. In this way, the warmth of materials such as wood is utilized. Soft and fluffy properties are preferred as a fabric. Linen and velvet fabrics are common in these styles. It can be used in metal details in furniture.
Minimal Decoration


Furniture should be used to meet a small number of needs in spaces with this style. In order not to create a messy image in the environment and to maintain order, plenty of cabinets are used. In addition, care is taken to ensure that the furniture is simple and massive. Pastel tones of the desired colors can be used in plain colored furniture. While decorating the environment with furniture, it is tried not to be filled completely and gaps are allowed to form in the environment. Since natural light is desired in the space, the use of curtains is restricted if possible. If used, light colors are preferred.
Minimal Decoration


As with everything, the accessory should be tried to reach the minimum. No effort should be made to fill an empty space with accessories and close that space. The accessories used should also not look too fancy, but have a minimum of color, texture and shape. It would be best to use plants with suitable pots as accessories. In a way that does not disturb the spaciousness and order in the space, accessories with tiny contradictory colors can be used without overdoing it.
Minimal Decoration


It is appropriate to use plain lines instead of using complex patterns on the walls or in the floor design used in this style. Smooth textures are obtained by using minimal light colors. In this way, a bright and simple space is obtained.
Minimal Decoration



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