What is Bohemian Decoration?

Living spaces are the best way to get to know those people, as well as bringing parts of the inner world of the people who live there. There are many design styles that everyone can get comfortable with and find something for themselves. The bohemian style is also a style preferred by natural and modern people with a laid back personality. Spaces that are lively and bright using many objects are in this style.

Bohemian style colors

Spaces with this style are bright and lively spaces. For this reason, pale colors are not preferred. Green colors can be used predominantly due to the plants being used in the space, which is a style where even incompatible colors can be used together. The decorations are made in harmony with different bright colors.

Bohemian Style Patterns

Textile products appear predominantly in spaces, although for decorative purposes. Along with natural prints, many geometric shapes can be used as patterns in spaces in this style. Many patterns can be preferred, from striped to floral. Colorful patterns add vitality to the space.

Bohemian style furniture

In those places, there are mainly textile products such as pillows and blankets. This easily shows that the people who live there like its comfort. Soft, low seating elements such as beanbags are the preferred furniture products. Carpets are the preferred floor coverings because they will add a more authentic atmosphere to the environment and are practical products. Also, these rugs can be hung on the walls and used as decoration. Except for rugs, it is preferred for wool and lightweight rugs. In fact, a small amount of furniture is used and the spaces are enriched with accessories. Plants are the most used decorative products in this type of space. Items used as accessories can be recycled items. Accessories that are made at home as a DIY project, such as dream catchers, are part of this style of space. Circular shapes are common in furniture and accessories.

Bohemian style material

In spaces built in this style, attention is paid to the use of natural materials as materials. The best example of this is wood. By using wood material, naturalness and warmth are added to the space. However, soft fabrics are preferred as fabrics. Wicker, recently used in accessories, is seen frequently. Baskets made of this material are preferred because they are more practical products in these spaces.



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