5 DIY Sushi Recipes You Can Do At Home

Rolling Sushi:
Before you start sushi production, you should master the art of rolling sushi, which is not difficult at all, especially if you are using bamboo mats.

1-starts placing the foil on the bamboo mat. This helps to protect the mat, so that it comes with brass and materials again.
2-Insert the Nori paper with the glossy side down so that the rough side is on the mat.
3-soaking your fingers with water; This will facilitate the rolling process.
4-Next, sprinkle the cooked rice on a thin piece of Nori. 5-Make sure to leave a space above and below the page.
6-Now you can be creative. Place the materials you want to use into the Nori page.
Time to quit! First place the thumb on the cushion, remove the edge device, and carefully place it on the center fill.
7 slowly over the ‘protocol’, so that the filler falls and will not loosen and fall.
8 – Gently move the edge of the mat and fold it in your hands. Later on the edge of the bed sheet of Nori Nori is rounded on itself.
Finally, slightly dampen the water on the glass plate with water to seal it. Congratulations, you’re done with sushi!

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