Charlotte fingerless mitts Free Pattern

When I tried to adapt carpentry to knitting, I came across a table that I was very happy with, but that had an involuntary visual effect: everyone I showed him said it looked like a cobweb! Instead of throwing the board and starting over, I decided to roll with what I had, and this pattern of fingerless gloves is the result. It is named after a beloved and talented personality who spins the web of children’s literature, whose love and friendship has warmed hearts for more than sixty years. These fingerless gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm in days with moderate weather and in cold office buildings. NEEDLE REQUIREMENTS 2.5 mm (US 1.5) THREAD REQUIREMENTS (quantities are approximate) – Main color: 110 (130, 150) yards – Contrast color: 36 (44, 50) yards SIZE – Small: circumference 6.5 “finished hand, for Hand circumference up to 7 “, total height 6” – medium: 7 “finished hand circumference, for hand circumference up to 7.5”, total height 6.5 “- large: 7.5″ finished hand circumference to accommodate the hand circumference of up to 8 ” , a total height of 7 “0% with 5% negative lightness around the hand is recommended.

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