Tassseled Chunky Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

The thick point is very popular, regardless of whether it is a sweater or a blanket, because the fabrics look very textured and cozy and the thick fabrics are even cooler and more striking. If we look at it, another popular item besides a rough knit sweater is a scarf. Such a scarf certainly provides a lot of heat and does not cost as much as the fur. So it is a win-win idea for cold winters. Let’s see how to use it.

About outerwear
If it is very cold instead, you can use a block over your coat or jacket. The accessory may be suitable or, what is more popular, a contrasting accessory that stands out. For example, a black coat with a blushed scarf will look great, an emerald green coat will be great with shades of gray or even mustard. If in doubt, choose a thick knit scarf in one of the basic colors: cream, white, black, navy blue or gray.

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