Himalayan Mist Chunky Ribbed Scarf Free Crochet Pattern 2021

Years ago (when I was quite new to the crochet scene) I never thought how many beautiful points to learn! Since the beginning of my crochet trip, I have promised to learn as many new points as possible, which has always inspired me to continue creating and designing.

A few weeks ago I had a “light bulb” moment and I knew that I had to design a scarf that was not only extremely thick and comfortable to wear, but also seemed to knit. This moment of inspiration led to the creation of this Himalayan manure corrugated scarf!
In winter, when fog and snow appear and the weather cools quickly, it would not only be practical to have a cozy and beautifully structured scarf on hand, but also to wear it comfortably!

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I hope you all liked this pattern, thanks a lot to the mold owner.

By: Olivia Kent from hopefulhoney.com



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