20+ Free baby Easy sweater crochet patterns- 2021

There may not be more cute designs than baby crochet blouses. They’re adorable even before going out with the baby and of course the little one makes her work look even better. While they may seem like intricate crochet designs that every parent would be happy to pick up, baby crochet sweaters can be super easy to make. Also really special items that can be donated to children’s charities!

Here you will find more than 20 free baby crochet patterns to try. You will see baby crochet cardigan styles as well as classic sweaters. You’ll find warm crochet sweaters for the winter and lighter weights for layers. You will find crochet blouses for boys and girls. You can even find the pattern that you will mark and use over and over again.

Sweet Abby’s Baby Sweater Pattern


Fashionable babies need this versatile crochet sweater as part of their flushed clothes wardrobe. With its sleeveless design and the comfortable weight of the yarn, Red Heart Baby Hugs Light creates the perfect sweater when the baby needs a little more warmth. When you choose Baby Hugs, you can be sure that you are using the best-tested yarn for your child. The pattern is available in sizes 6-24 months.

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