10+ Crochet Moccasin Slipper Free Patterns- 2021

What comes to mind when you see beautiful knitted moccasin slippers? A lot of crochet people will be interested in doing it themselves! You’re right. Try one or all of the 10 crochet loafers below. Every free pattern idea has a link to help you if you’ve been inspired to create a crochet idea like this.

If you’ve never wore handmade crochet slippers, you are truly overlooking. The comfort and convenience of the crochet slippers is unmatched. And, of course, a special pleasure when you knit them yourself.

Crochet slippers are often associated with long winter evenings and are tucked under a warm blanket. What if I told you that you can make beautiful, light and airy crochet summer slippers? Some of the models in today’s collection have rubber soles, so they can even be worn outdoors. Making shoes with your own hands gives you incredible freedom – you can create them however you want. Pick your favorite colors and add unique applique or embroidery to make it look great. Using old rubber slippers and making new shoes with them is also a very reliable way to preserve old things. Why don’t you learn something new from this? This green approach is very popular nowadays and of course it helps the planet. Links to free sewing patterns are under the pictures.

Double Sole Slippers Crochet Pattern

Skill level: Beginner

The best thing about crochet slippers is that they are easy to whip up. Secondly, thanks to the Red Heart Super Saver, you can make them in almost any shade imaginable. With over 100 shades that awaken your creativity, you can safely sew all slippers without using the same color twice. Work on this model with your friends, and also make a donation!

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