Boho Summer Top Crochet Patterns 2021

Summer doesn’t mean you have to stop crocheting! Change the type of project you’re working on and you can continue to enjoy your favorite craft. This collection of free summer crochet tops patterns is the perfect inspiration to get you started crocheting tops and crocheting t-shirts all summer long.

Many people think about crocheting in the summer. After all, if the weather is warm, you don’t want a big wool project on your lap, do you? False. There are so many different options for lightweight yarn that there is no reason not to crochet in the summer. You can also easily find crochet patterns that are small enough or cut in pieces so you don’t overheat as you work.

You can also crochet summer tops and other fun items as soon as you take them off the hook. Add some wonderfully handcrafted pieces to your summer wardrobe with the following fifty crochet summer top patterns.

If you are considering yarn for crochet summer tops, consider what it is made of rather than its weight. I don’t think you’ll want to make a summer top with bulky yarn, but depending on the stitch pattern, worsted fabric may still work. Even lighter yarns can be great choices.





200 (200) 250 (250) 300 g Merci by Filcolana in colour 101 (Natural White)
2,5 mm and 3 mm circular needle, 80 cm
2,5 mm and 3 mm doubl-pointed needles (if not using
the magic loop technique)
Stitch holders

Toldboden is the sister of the Kastellet design, which was part of last year’s spring collection. Kastellet is an elegant and incredibly simple design that has become a summer hit. This inspired us to create an even more summer version of the T-shirt, this time from Merci, our cute cotton and wool yarn that can be worn close to the skin even on a hot summer day.

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