What Is Industrial Decoration And How Should It Be?

Industrial decoration

In an interior design, there are named styles that unite all parts and make design easier. Industrial design style is one of them. It is a style that generally adds elegance to mezzanine spaces. What’s interesting in this style is that something broken is made part of the design without fixing it. For example, a new plaster application may not be applied to walls whose plaster has been fragmented, or rough spaces can be designed with exposed concrete. Things like plumbing pipes are not covered so they become part of the design on the ceiling and walls. Places with this style have a street and warehouse vibe. Actually this is the purpose. With the decoration, the place is tried to give the appearance of an old factory or warehouse.

Industrial Style Colors

In such spaces, tones of gray and metallic colors are generally dominant. Along with these, it can be used in neutral line colors such as black, white and beige. Likewise, wood colors can be seen in spaces with this style, as wooden materials can be used abundantly. Suitable spaces can be created with aged wood. The red tones of the brick are also a good choice for use in these spaces.

Industrial decoration

Industrial Style Furniture

Antique-looking objects are frequently encountered in these places. In these spaces, which also have a modern feel, the furniture often looks old, in complete contrast to the modern style. Retro looks are also provided with objects of different shapes. Here, the space is tried to be filled with objects that have interesting appearances. Shelves mounted on the walls are common in these places. Usually hanging metals should be used as lighting. Black colored metals or metallic normal colors can be used. Metals can also feel rusted. When areas such as plumbing pipes are not covered in high-ceilinged spaces, long ship owners hanging from here create stylish images. Industrial style designs can be made using valves in bathrooms.

Industrial decoration

Industrial Style Material

Undoubtedly, the head is exposed to concrete. Without a plaster or similar application, spaces suitable for this style are created with the exposed concrete in these spaces. Worn wood can be used in both furniture and specially designed parts. Likewise, special sections can be designed with brick materials. It can be used anywhere from metal accessories to furniture details. Style-appropriate designs can be made with metals that look rusty.

Industrial decoration



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