10+ Free And Easy Crochet Afghan Patterns- 2021

Afghans come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. There are crocheted baby blankets (which can also be used as small lapghans) and crochet blankets that are large enough to cover the California king-size bed. In the middle there are rows of blankets and blankets made of crochet motifs, combined with crochet blankets that start and are embroidered in rounds. Most Afghan crochet shapes are rectangular, but you can find many round or square designs, and even some uniquely shaped blankets. You can crochet your blanket in one color or all colors under the sun.

This list of free Afghan crochet patterns (and links to a lot more) covers a wide variety of themes and design elements. Whether you want a quick, bulky throw, a crocheted bedspread with fine thread, a colorful baby blanket or a sturdy bedspread, the pattern you need can be found here.

Wavy American Flag Blanket

Tracy Johnson recreated the American flag in a crocheted size. Ribbons are wavy waves that offer a wavy design. She downloads this pattern for free from Ravelry and shares, “I did this as a gift for my father – a World War II Coast Guard veteran who is still 93 years old! I hope others will use this flag for the private veterans.” in their life or they will. ” one for her. For veterans with nobody! ”

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