Woodland Ruana Wrap Free Knit Pattern

Woodland Ruana Wrap is the perfect knit pattern for autumn as it can be worn in different ways. Ruana is similar to slate, but has the shape of a poncho with an open front. This knitted scarf is a must because of its interesting design and beautiful colors. Yarn is a combination of beautiful colors and a large weight that speeds up knitting. This Ruana will keep you warm and comfortable in an incredibly stylish way. In addition, it is a perfect gift that does not require complete harmony and complements any type of shape. Whether you are doing this for yourself or for your loved ones, knitting Ruana is a breathtaking piece to be proud of.

Notes1. The dressing is knitted side by side in one piece.
2. The first side works, then the stitches are tied to form the front opening and poured again to start the second side.

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