Cozy Pocketed Knit Poncho Free Pattern 2021

Don’t you just want to curl up and fall asleep? This cozy knitted poncho with pocket is the epitome of comfort. If you want to learn how to make a poncho like this, it’s really very easy. Even those who are just starting to weave can treat this as their first major project. The dark purple color is refined and gives the boho poncho an elegant look. We are very happy about the bags! There just aren’t enough clothes for women with bags, especially not as deep and accessible.

Notes: Poncho is worked from the bottom edge of the back to the shoulders, divided to form the neck opening, and then worked down to lower the front edge. A longer circular needle adapts to the width of the poncho fabric. Work back and forth in rows with a circular needle as if you were working with straight needles.

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