Two-Toned Boot Cuffs Free Crochet Pattern 2020

Does your sock drawer fill up with too many fists? Get rid of the volume by weaving the two-tone starter cuffs. These starter cuffs are reversible for easy handling. Do not make more than one pair; Create these boot cuffs in two colors that match most of your wardrobe. This is a very simple and fast knitting pattern that works smoothly for every beginner and senseless for the experienced weaver. We love this look with a dress, jeans or leggings.

Now that all of my Christmas knitting projects have been completed, I’ve had some time to knit some. I knitted a bit crazy this winter. It seems that I feel a little lost when I have no project in progress, so this was an upcoming natural project. I decided that I wanted to have a pair immediately instead of taking the time to knit a more elaborate pair and found a nice and simple rib cuff instead of a full boot sock (unnecessary).

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