The Biggest Hair Trends 40 New Hairstyle For 2019

The celebrity hairdresser, Clayton Hawkins-the man behind Laura Harrier, Elizabeth Olsen, Maddie Ziegler and perfect mane of Karla Souza-predicted the biggest hair trends for 2019 and I’m ready for everything. Frankly speaking, my plans for 2019 involve working, eating more healthily, to get a more balanced budget and get a rounded bob that can turn into a wet look before adding extensions to create a long braid. 2019 is the year of the fabulous back, people. In the future, choose from Hawkins ‘ predictions. Happy New Year and congratulations to 365 beautiful days of hair.

The rounded Bob;
“2019 will be devoted to the rounded shape ,” says Hawkins. “Unlike a-line bobs or brusque bobs that we have seen a lot in recent years, this version is softer and feminine. ” All you will have to do at 2019 is to invest in a good glare serum and a classic glow. Voila Instant vibration of the French girl. Hawkins recommends asking his hairdresser to cut his tips with a tip to create a softer appearance.

The curtain beats;
You want a change, but you don’t want to get totally involved in the margin? A curtain fringe can be the perfect option for you. “This central fringe of Bardot is a classic style, but I hope to see a lot of this look at 2019 “, says Hawkins. “If your face is more rounded or heart shaped, this style will lengthen you and should beat your cheekbones in an extremely flattering way. ”

The long braid;
“Ok, we may never get to the summit that is the iconic braid of Tessa Thompson, but we must all inspire ourselves with it ,” says Hawkins. “It is a perfect style of protection if your hair is textured or a great choice if your hair is long and not stylish. ”
To take a look at the house, separate your hair and pull it into a narrow, low ponytail. Then braid the hair and fasten it with a transparent elastic. Hawkins also notes that more permanent extensions may not be necessary if you have hair in a drawer you haven’t figured out how to use. This is the perfect DIY style that is really achievable.

Wet eyes;
The wet hair was huge at 2018 and it will be even higher at 2019. “Not only is bold and fresh style, but it is quite feasible to do it by yourself ,” Hawkins said. Hawkins uses Oribe’s Super Shine Moisturizer for a perfect balance of glare and glare without crocancy. The style is also versatile because the hair can work both down and up.

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