Make small tattoos for a big effect 35 + different models

“Less is more ” is the word on the street. Many cosmetics, many accessories, noisy clothes, etc. will be sure to lose just about any attention. People just have no idea where to look first. The same applies to tattoos. Often these are tiny and thin habitats that have a great impact. They don’t draw attention immediately when you meet someone, so the surprise is even bigger when a tattoo so small is displayed somewhere. Want to transmit the message in a subtle way and then small tattoos on the way.

Mini female tattoos;

These are often the ladies who choose for a mini-tatuagem. They are placed as an accessory type to emphasize individual elegance. The tattoos below are excellent examples of this.

The small and feminine onions on the arm will make an incredibly elegant appearance, of course, since the arch was torn with a thin, pointy line. You see these arches around quite often. Many girls or women choose the pink lace to be a girl or refer to the pink Ribbon, an organization that defends awareness of breast cancer.

Key and Hole. It would probably be even more beautiful if the key was canceled and the hole was placed in the chest, just above the heart. Then it will really “The key of your heart “.

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