Modern Men’s Clothing Skills: How To Pinroll Your Jeans

Jeans are an integral part of modern men’s wardrobe. And as such, we tend to have terrible details about how they fit together. From the height to the length of the foot, many factors must be taken into account when choosing the ideal pair. And a lot of variables usually mean that we have to compromise.

One of the most common claws is the opening width of the foot. Men want the comfort of a classic straight leg but are not as interested in an excess of lace fabric over their favorite shoes or around their ankles.

Solution? Of course you can take your jeans to a tailor-but if you are looking for a temporary quick fix, you have to activate the PIN.

What is the pinrolling?
Pinrolling is a quick and efficient way to change the size of the opening leg of jeans or trousers. This is useful because it is not resized permanently and requires no effort to keep it in place.

It is popular with sneakers because it allows to attach the socks to the wrists above the ankle. This makes it ideal for showing couples fashion trainers that would otherwise be hidden by the fabric.

Why should I pinch my jeans?
If you have a pair of jeans that works well with some of your boots and shoes, but not with others because of the opening leg, you can think of the pinrolling.

Learning how to pinch your jeans allows you to fit your wrist perfectly to every shoe you own. To make it wider, fit the desert boots or squeeze it and leave without socks with sandals or sneakers in the summer.

In short, you should pinch your jeans, if you feel that the size of the opening of your foot can do with a slight change.

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