How are you going to get a suit from Selfridges?

The holiday season is good for us and we need food, wine and many other things for family and friends, it means adapting to your costume! However, some things should be kept in mind when buying a large team, prerequisites, a process! Despite the popular perception, I am a gentleman blogger and I try to reinforce something during my years, the suit suits every day! Of course, Tom Ford’s costumes come with my favorite brands of all time. Choose a brand in which you can count on one of the most versatile and transcendent garments in your wardrobe. In that spirit, how do you keep looking for a suit? Why do you choose one? In collaboration with Selfridges, here are the top 10 tips for buying men’s designer costumes!

I know what makes you feel comfortable. This can mean choosing the right textile at any time, at any time, by choosing the quality, as it will bring a quality comfort and comfort would lead you to courtesy.
Choose an appropriate costume, as a person with a lot of Fajes, I know, another harmony creates a completely different look-classic, thin, double buttoned, Italian or British cut. Dare to try something in your comfort zone-you may be amazed at what seems to be a different fit and, more importantly, the sensation felt.
Listen to the dealer, but go with your instincts.
The whole team is made up of shoes and accessories: up to socks, a scarf and a big shirt complete the look
Choose the most common textile wool, as well as the safest option, given the warmth and comfort, but the Tweed and Fishbone are made from wool! Being a thick tweed material, it will offer the best possible service at low temperature. Like Tweed, a Christmas tree, it is a dense mesh composed of heavy materials, which creates more construction results than wool or cashmere.
Go to combinations of colors and textiles. The gradients of brown and velvet, green shades of green, combine a plaid fabric and textiles mixed with wool.
Choose a store with a variety. Your efforts do not want to be limited! Selfridges can solve the timeline for you!
Choose a brand you trust-the Tom Ford costume is my favorite.
Think about the purpose of this process-and we will be guided by the decision! Different styles for different situations. You can even decide to go for what you have planned!
Sounds good? Then take it!

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