30+ Of Maternity Clothes Of The World’s Most Elegant Women New 2019

You’re pregnant! Congratulations, now you are trying to figure out how to administer your closet over the next nine months. Of course, the style of motherhood is not a one-dimensional business. There are many ways to get close to it (be it buying a new wardrobe or a combination of clothes with what you already have), but above all, you have the option to break all kinds of supposed “rules ” Fashion (although you can-and should-avoid old school Editing ku at this point, with or without a child on the way). Who better to give sincere and really helpful tips for dressing up for your pregnancy than fashion editors and incredibly classy bloggers who have already done so?

For some of these women, the realities of motherhood were far from dressing suits: “I always imagined that when I was pregnant, I would wear beautiful dresses, high heels, bikinis that would marry Bump dress up when they are pregnant “, recalls Victoria Sanchez Lincoln, fashion consultant, fashion designer and former director of Real Simple. “But when I was pregnant, I had a huge belly, swollen legs and ankles-after all, everything was enlarged, and not in a good way… That’s when I realized I needed to get dressed again. “An article that proved to be a constant loop during these nine months was the Joker: ” My Alaïa leggings that I bought in a vintage clothing store were needed during pregnancy “says Carla Martinez de Salas, publisher. In the head Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America.

We asked 40 of our favorites about their substantial purchases (and absolutely useless), the hints of the layers and unexpected parts of the hero they expected on, and the personal revelations of the type from which they benefit that they have influenced their clothing today. Read in advance your testimony on a deeply personal challenge, sometimes a difficult, sometimes enjoyable, maternity fashion.

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