How can we dress up like a French woman? New 2019

After living in Paris for a while, my views on proper dressing have changed dramatically. Black now the most dominant color in my wardrobe, short and inadequate dresses have been disappearing for a long time, and 90% of my shoes are flat-and this briefly sums up the Parisian style. Although each region has its own unique style (as in another city), there are a few basic rules that all French women follow about dressing for everyday life. Keep it simple and stylish and make it look like you haven’t spent more than five minutes in front of the mirror to prepare for that morning (albeit technically).

When it comes to Paris sauce, the word may not be true. Focus on interesting shapes and textures (preferably in soft colors) and if you want to get some tips on a young and cool Parisian sauce, you’ll be fine at COS and other stories are essential. Stay away from a lot of jewellery and short dresses-basically anything that can be perceived as sticky.

It may sound annoying, but the French wear very black. and Gray. And maybe a little white. If you have more comfortable and bright colors in the model, you should definitely adhere to it; But to really look Parisian, there’s probably something to fit in your purse. Otherwise, you won’t have any trouble finding something new in the French shops during your visit.

Tourists in Paris can be seen miles away. Because they usually walk around in their best high heels and shiny clothes, or they move in the opposite direction and go to uniforms and sneakers that Parisians will never do. Leave this shiny dress at home (if you plan on visiting New Year’s Eve) and hold a warm coat for the gym or relax in your hotel. Instead, go with a pair of tight pants. They are comfortable, stylish, and work great with all the activities you want to do in time and in a timely fashion.

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