Best crochet stylish sweater patterns free and new- 2021

It seems to attract attention, girls to the party can wear only cocktail dresses, decorated with bright accessories and stylish dress. Adding to this all the elegance in the movements, sociability, radiant smile, you can get the perfect image of the perfect girl.

But in our aim to dispel all the stereotypes in society about the right fashion clothes and present a completely unexpected outfit for the youth party.

We’re all used to wearing knitted sweaters. Very comfortable, very warm, in combination with jeans or pants in the style of the cjual even very stylish.

Have you ever tried to wear a knitted sweater with a wide neck and sleeves for a party?
It has a wide range of clothes in various designs and styles to wear in all seasons compared to men and women. Even sweaters are now available in a variety of patterns and designs that will rock a women’s wardrobe for almost any weather. Chunky, bulky yarn sweaters are designed to stay warm and comfortable in winters and that’s classy. Lightweight lace sweaters wrap you up in summer and spring, especially in the early morning and evening, when there is a chill in the air. And if you know the art of crochet, you can make all these sweaters part of your wardrobe.

Crochet Chunky Sweater Pattern


Weight 4 yarn of your choice.

7.5mm crochet hook. This size hook is pretty easy to come by here in Ireland but I realize elsewhere some people have had difficulties finding one, so you can use and 8mm crochet hook. There will be no big difference in sizing.

5mm crochet hook.

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