Crochet Slippers And Soles Easy DIY Crochet Pattern- 2021

Coachella Boots – Free Crochet Shoe Pattern with Flip Flop Soles


Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton – 4 skeins (744 yards total) – color: Ecru (MC) (Size 9 sample made with approx. 625 yards)
If Ecru color doesn’t match flip flops color, you’ll want about 20 yards of 24/7 Cotton that does
Tapestry needle
Size B [2.25 mm] crochet hook or size needed to fit through flip flop holes
Size H [5.0 mm] crochet hook
1-2 printed copies of the “ruler” at end of printable pattern + tape (optional)
1 pair of flip flops (One size smaller than you wear normally. See pattern notes.)
Sharp tool to poke holes (I use this clay tool. You can also try a skewer, thin drill bit or awl.)
Sharp scissors
Strong glue such as E6000 (optional)
Stitch markers (optional)

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