50+ Great Designs For Small Tattoo İdeas And Small Tattoos

Without being autonomous, I’m a big fan of tattoos. As a way, the visual decoration of your body and the method of communication are important things for you, your life or your experience.

Namely, I will not look for someone who has a tattoo just because he is beautiful and cool and he does not need to point something monumental. I’ll also be impressed and appreciate the tattoo, which is an emotionally charged meaning.
I think I consider the tattoos as permanent jewels, jewels that you will never accept (because it is very good or is a gift from a loved one, or both).

I’m also someone with a very low pain threshold, but especially someone who has no good relations with the word “permanent “, so I never had the guts to tattoo myself. That didn’t stop me from collecting hundreds and hundreds of photographs, like visual inspiration and tattoo research, as my life depends on it.
I thought I should share that interest with all of you!

Let’s start small, with small tattoos for those who are not ready for large pieces of chest or shoulder, full sleeves and even leg pieces (but we get there).
Many of them are part of the fashion trends that even affect the world of tattooing and are generally used as a permanent accessory.

They can be very cliché for lovers of hardcore tattoos, but I consider them legal, even ironically timeless: anchor, birds, small quotes or words, crosses, dandelions, crosses, feathers, dreamers-they express consciousness Popular current and taste.

I did some collages of themed tattoos that I hope you like (tell me in the comments section you enjoy/dislike):

I like the placement of all these relatively small bird tattoos!

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