Apple Pie Mini (Cookie way) or traditional 30 New İdeas


A few days ago we were invited to a family meal — my family — that I unfortunately do not see as often as I would like… Also, when our host replied “Bring a dessert” when I asked him what would please him, I told myself that I had to do something particularly greedy (to mark the blow), but especially that would suit everyone : The famous american apple pie tart/pie!

What I did not know on the other hand at that time was that all the guests had also brought a dessert!
I forgot about that. Because no, this is not the first time it happens… It’s kind of a tradition in spite of us. The gluttony, the main “defect” of the family, makes us have funny meals, where we find ourselves to eat more sweet than salty… No wonder if I have a blog mostly sweet, it’s because of my family heirloom! 😉

I was afraid to have to leave with my pie at home, for lack of having been tasted by the guests in front of this farandole of desserts… What, between us, would not have been a drama, she would not even happen survived long at home (thanks to my famous inheritance!)
Well, no, I brought home an empty dish! (although served after a delicious and copious paella, then a caramel cream, and a clafoutis with apricots… We’re too many ogre Warriors, haha!)

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