What is the perfect cake, the limitless way of customizing? 50 + new Ideas

Like the cake of the day. Not necessarily the cake you eat every day, but only a cake that you could use and does not require much fanfare or intensive groceries. One you can whip easily, even on Tuesday; That you will be proud to take for a dinner; Discreet enough food for breakfast (yes, I said breakfast), but special enough to be offered as gifts. A versatile and fun cake that never fails.

I have a favorite recipe for such a cake. Here’s what I’m going to do: wet, just sweet enough, and with coarse crumbs, besides, it quickly pulls out. Most importantly, it is the ultimate base for any combination of taste experiences or desserts in general-the perfect base for all your additions, whirlpool and dream. I will show you the basics (and let you lose).

First SIFT the dry ingredients (all the usual suspects) into a bowl. Beat the butter and sugar until creamy-and do not save on this step! This helps to aerate all ingredients and to establish good crumbs. You want the mixture to be pale and light. Hit the eggs one at a time. Then add kefir and dried ingredients alternately both, starting and ending with dry. If you haven’t begun to feel like a mad scientist kitchen, wait, it’s launched experience.

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