The Recipes Of The Meat Guru ‘ Meathead ‘ Goldwyn: The Authentic American Burger

The Meathead Goldwyn meat guru is a bit “The man who whispers in the ear of the barbecues.” Its site is an international reference for outdoor cooking sites. His book “Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling “, recently released, quickly became a bestseller in the Barbecue and grill category at Amazon. com. To be sure not to miss his burgers this summer, this is the recipe developed by Goldwyn in person.

“An authentic beef steak burger is a succulent specimen difficult to approach. Seeing one in a restaurant is rare. Preparing a home is even more difficult.

“The good big specimen of 230 g or more leaves no space of his unoccupied bun. It displays a thin, salty crust that gives off a bit of juicy fat. At every bite, he reminds us that a good burger is a gastronomic delight as rare as any other.

It took me a year to upgrade my technique. What I learned has challenged everything I thought I knew about the hamburger.

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